NEW!!Please tell us your “favorite” and “recommended!” Shops!

Looking for recommendations for the 6th Setagaya Glittering Private Store Grand Prix! (~ 8/31 deadline)
We are looking for your favorite shops in Setagaya Ward, such as shops you go to often and shops where you can meet wonderful products. The stores that won the Grand Prix will be commended and introduced as award-winning stores.
By all means, please apply for your “shop in the recommended Yoga shopping district”!
For details and application, here Please see>.
* It is sponsored by the Setagaya Ward Shopping District Association with the aim of energizing the shopping district and energizing the town by commending individual stores that shine brilliantly.
* Information update date 2021/8/17

*Finished YOGA SUMMER 2021 “YOCKEY Scratch” will be held!

Fukubiki scratch card distribution period: July 19th to August 2nd, 2021 *Ends as soon as the card runs out・ Prize exchange is until August 6th
Please see “YOGA SUMMER 2021 Announcement Booklet” for details such as prize contents!
* The annual Yoga Shopping Street Summer Festival “Summer Stage” has been postponed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We hope that it will end as soon as possible and that it will be held next year.
*Information update date 2021/8/17

Setagaya life support ticket with premium is on sale!

We will sell a gift certificate common to the ward with a 25% premium. (Complete reservation / lottery sale)
Application acceptance July 26th (Monday) -August 4th (Wednesday), Winner exchange September 4th (Saturday) 10: 00-14: 00 only.
For details and inquiries, please contact the Setagaya Life Support Ticket Secretariat. here Please see .
*Information update date 2021/7/15

Setagaya Pay start!

From Saturday, February 20, 2021, the cashless payment “Setagaya Pay” has started,
which allows you to shop and eat at great prices in Setagaya Ward! Let’s support local shops through shopping! Click here for details.
* Information update date 2021/2/27

The color of the family stamp sticker changes

The expiration date of the old ticket (blue sticker) is until June 30, 2021. The new ticket currently distributed has a red sticker.
You may mix old and new tickets and attach them to the mount. Please use by the expiration date. (The color of the mount has not changed)
Please contact the stamp dealer for details.
* Information update date 2021/3/18


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Introducing “Yockey”,
the public relations manager of Yoga Shopping Street



Introducing the origins of Yoga place names and
the history of the shopping district association



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