NEW!!YOGA WINTER2021 Fukubiki & Christmas Market!

★Yoga Xmas market Date: Saturday, December 11 (12th in case of rain)
Location: Yoga Kusunoki Park Holding time: 13: 00-19: 00 (Stalls open until 17:00)
★ Yockey Scratch Distribution Period: December 6th (Monday) -December 20th (Monday) * Scratch will end as soon as each store runs out
Try your luck for the last time this year ♪ Enjoy shopping, eating and drinking in the shopping district, and join us for scratching!
For details, please see the announcement leaflet and Twitter / Instagram!
* Information update date 2021/12/6

The number of shops that can be used is increasing! Setagaya Pay

Cashless payment “Setagaya Pay” that allows you to shop and eat at great prices in Setagaya Ward! # We are also holding a great campaign where you can get a 20% reduction when you use it at a local shop! See here for details.
* Information update date 2021/10/5

The color of the family stamp sticker has changed!

The expiration date of the old ticket (blue sticker) has expired on June 30, 2021. The new ticket has a red sticker. * The color of the mount has not changed from blue.
* Information update date 2021/7/1


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Introducing “Yockey”,
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