NEW !! YOGA SUMMER 2022 Summer Stage 2022 will be held!

We will hold “Summer Stage 2022” for the first time in 3 years!
Date and time: Wednesday, July 20th and Thursday, July 21st, 17: 00-21: 00 (postponed rainy weather)
Location: Near Kusunoki Park (Triangle Park)
There are stages, Bon festival dances, food stalls, etc. ☆ We are planning a Fukubiki scratch event in July!
Details will be announced at any time so please look forward to it ♪
* Information update date 2022/6/10

Premium gift certificate for all wards is on sale!

We will sell a gift certificate common to all areas with a 10% premium. (Complete reservation /lottery sale)
Reservation reception: April 30th (Sat) -May 19th (Thursday), only winners will be notified by postcard (scheduled to be shipped on June 8th) Winners’ sale: June 18th (Sat) 10:00 am to 2:00 pm [One day only, punctuality]
For details, applications and inquiries, please contact the Gift Certificate Sales Office (here) .
* Information update date 2022/5/2

Notice of posting on the union member store web

It is published in the Setagaya Ward Shopping District Association “Akinai Setagaya”! It is a wonderful article that not only introduces shops and shopping streets, but also shows the personality of the shop owner!
[Stores listed] Bistro Odaya / Flower Style Beone / Mansaku
Please take a look from here !
* Information update date 2022/3/10

[From the Eating and Drinking Department] Questionnaire request

We are asking the customers who participated in “Yoga Yori Michi Week” to take a questionnaire! the responsePlease clickhere.
* Information update date 2021/12/27

The number of shops that can be used is increasing! Setagaya Pay

Cashless payment “Setagaya Pay” that allows you to shop and eat at great prices in Setagaya Ward! Please see here for the detail.
* Information update date 2022/2/8

The color of the family stamp sticker has changed!

The expiration date of the old ticket (blue sticker) has expired on June 30, 2021. The new ticket has a red sticker. * The color of the mount has not changed from blue.
* Information update date 2021/7/1

Notice to union members

About implementation of occupational inoculation (third)

Regarding the implementation of the new coronavirus vaccine occupational inoculation (third time), we will inform the union members of the occupational inoculation.
Please contact the shopping district office for details. * Applicable to store employees who are members of the Yoga Shopping District.
* Information update date 2022/3/14


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Introducing “Yockey”,
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